Welcome! We are so excited that you will be joining us for this year’s Homeschool Northland Event! We have worked hard to bring you a quality conference at a reasonable price which we hope will be a blessing to your family. To help us in the planning process, please register your family as soon as you can. Before you fill out the registration form, take a moment to read the information below. If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

CONFERENCE: The initial conference fee ($35) includes one or both parents (this is also true if you sign up for a pre-track). If you know that only one parent plans on coming, please do not mark the other as attending. This helps us keep accurate numbers. If the non-attending parent later finds he can attend, simply reply to your registration confirmation email and we will make the change. Please note that registration goes up to $45 (plus any extras you may choose) at the door.

AGES OF ATTENDEES: Your teens are welcome to come with you provided they have come to participate (for the purpose of this conference, we will define teen as any secondary student, grades 7-12). Any adult child who still lives under your roof may also sign up on a “Teen” line. Teens who are wandering the halls or hanging out in large packs will be sent back to their parents. In addition to teens, moms are welcome to bring their nursing infants. Because of the limit of tickets and space, we are unable to open up the conference to younger children at this time.

YOUR HOMESCHOOL SUPPORT TEAM: Each conference registration form is for the family living at the address listed on the form. However, we know that some people have supportive adults who help with their homeschool (for example: your sister who takes the kids twice a week and helps them complete their studies or your curious parents who want to know more about the homeschooling world and want to support your endeavor by purchasing some curricula). If you have someone like this, who is not currently homeschooling their own children and is or wants to be active in supporting your homeschool, you may sign them up to attend with you on the ‘support’ line of your registration form. A support registrant may also attend a pre-track with you. There is no additional charge for a support person, however, we ask that families please use this privilege in the spirit that it is meant.

CONFERENCE FOOD: Meals and snacks will be available for purchase at the conference as an American Heritage Girls’ fundraiser. Moms who are attending Heidi’s encouraging lunchtime talk have one of these meals built into their ‘Mom’s Lunch’ ticket. When registering for the ‘Mom’s Lunch’ selection, please make sure you write down one of these meals on your registration form:
-Chicken Teriyaki Salad (or simple Garden Salad if requested)
-Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich
-Meatball Sandwich
These choices come with chips, dessert, and a bottle of water.

PRE-TRACKS: If you are thinking about homeschooling or are in your first few years, we recommend taking advantage of the training offered in our Homeschooling 101 Pre-Track. Enjoy a walk through the basics, seasoned with sage advice from veteran homeschooler, Nancy Bjorkman. For more information on this track, please see the ‘Special Sessions’ tab.

If you have a middle or high school student, we highly recommend the ‘High School & Beyond’ track. Here you will find insight on how to set up your high school, keep your records, take advantage of opportunities for college credit, and much more. See the ‘Special Sessions’ tab to learn more about this offering.

To Register, please download, print, fill out, and send us the following form:

A NOTE ABOUT PAPER REGISTRATION: We are aware that paper registration is inconvenient for many of you. We ask for your forbearance as we find the right person to put online registration into effect. If you are a Northland Homeschooler and feel you have the skills and volunteer time to help with this in the future, please inquire at

Are you only able to attend the “Homeschool 101” or the “High School and Beyond” Pre-Track? Pre-Tracks will be available for stand-alone registration starting April 1st at $20.00 for the attending parent(s) and $10 for each added teen.