FRI., APRIL 28th, 2023

7:00 PM


SAT., APRIL 29th, 2023

7:30 AM


What we need today are Christian “men” who are willing to stand on the Word of God. In this powerful, straight-forward, biblically grounded talk Carl challenges men to stand up and be the spiritual leaders Christ has called them to be. No more abdicating that responsibility to the world, the church or anybody else. Dads, you are called to educate and train your children! Carl will identify the tools being used to destroy families and then show how to overcome those attacks. The Lord’s pattern is that the man be the head of the home and be the provider, protector and priest of the family…and, raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord!

9:00 AM


11:00 AM

Room A: Carl Kerby,

Room B: Nancy Bjorkman, Heppner’s Legacy
“Engaging Early Learners”

What should “school” look like for early learners? What things are developmentally appropriate for the younger ages? This fun and informative session will provide a comprehensive overview of teaching methods specifically geared to pre- and elementary-age children. Nancy will share resources, fun games, toddler tips, and easy activities, all designed to help parents think outside the box when it comes to “doing school.”

Room C: Mike Pehl, Drive Safe Ride Safe
“Teen Driver Safety Parent Awareness Program”

This compelling 90 minute workshop, given by Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert Mike Pehl, will be well worth your time!

Mike Pehl’s authentic approach to teaching driver education has proven successful for over 40 years. His background as a Crash Investigator helps him bring a unique and pragmatic view of how to crash proof your teen driver. His Defensive Driving techniques teach drivers how to protect themselves and their passengers. These mental and physical driving methods will make a huge difference in minimizing crashes, injuries and preventing fatalities. In addition to insider information on how crashes happen and what you can do to avoid them, Mike will cover how the driving laws, both old and new apply to your new driver. We will also go over how you as parents can help your son or daughter become the best driver possible.

Those who attend this class will meet the state requirement to REDUCE the number of hours that students need to drive with a parent from 50 to 40 hours. (We will give all folks in attendance a certificate of completion to hand with their supervised driving log found at )

You don’t want to miss this lifesaving seminar. Neither will your teen.

12:30 PM

Room B: Mom’s Lunch with Heidi St. John*
“The Busy Mom’s Survival Guide”

“I’m overwhelmed!”
“My kids are going to have gaps in their education.”
“Everything depends on me.”
“I’ve failed too many times.”
“I can’t do this right.”
“I’m screwing up my kids.”
“Everyone else’s kids are doing better than mine.”

Have you heard the lies, too? Join Heidi as she talks about her own experience of homeschooling seven children over 23 years and shares what will keep you in the race til the finish line. The key? Preparing your heart before your homeschool. You’ll want to bring a friend to this one!

Room C: Roxie Tetzlaff, RSM
“Math – Does It Matter What You Teach”

Many people dislike math because of the way they were taught. The traditional approach of teaching mathematics does not work for most children. Children must truly understand in order to remember, especially those with learning challenges. In this workshop, you will explore some teaching strategies and techniques to help children learn, reduce math anxiety, and show them the beauty and joy in math.

2:00 PM

Room A: Carl Kerby, Reasons for Hope
“What About…Races”

“What you believe about where you come from will impact the way that you live your life today!” This is one of the most important talks that Carl gives today. If we truly want to solve the problem of racism there is only one way, and that is by starting with the Word of God. For too long Christians have said “Jesus” with their lips but lived their lives with a anti-biblical mindset. There is no clearer example than how many “Christians”, have in the past and are currently dealing with this issue. Here Carl will shed light from God’s Word and from real science on the truth about so-called “races”. What does ‘science’ really say about this issue? More importantly, what does God’s Word say? This is a study that is transforming lives by giving exciting answers from Genesis! Until we, Christians, can get this issue right we can never expect non-christians to deal with it appropriately.

Room B: Jamie Erickson
“What Kind of Homeschooling is Right for Me: Methods 101″

Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Unit Study, Project-Based Learning, Waldorf, Traditional Textbook, Unschooling, and the list goes on! There are so many different teaching methods and approaches to homeschooling that it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose just one. They all have their strengths. But then again, they all have their struggles. Let me introduce you to the most popular methods and philosophies of education, show you the pros and cons of each, and help you to discover which, if any, is right for you and your kids.

Room C: Dr. Wiermaa, Clarity Health
“Nutrition for Children with Special Needs”

In this talk, Dr. Wiermaa will discuss foods to focus on, foods and additives to avoid, and supplements to consider for special needs children.

3:30 PM

Room A: Heidi St. John
“The Busy Mom’s Guide to Daylight”

Tick Tock. Have you ever experienced a series of days, weeks or even months when you felt like you just could NOT get on top of all that you had to do? Have you just decided that it’s either school or dinner? Or maybe you just gave up making dinner and now everyone has matching socks again! Most moms struggle with finding a balance when it comes to staying on top of the all we need to get done.
Have you ever read 2 Corinthians 12:9? You probably have… it says, “My strength is made perfect in weakness”. Mothering reveals weakness … it’s true! And that’s a good thing, because it means you get to give even more glory to the Lord when you graduate your kids see that they are walking with the Lord.
Busy mom, if you’re struggling with trying to do it all, you will enjoy hearing some of Heidi’s favorite tips for managing all that pulls us…and still finding time to fit in “other things” (like alone time with your husband!)
This is an opportunity GET SET FREE from the expectations of others, laugh out loud learn how two words: BE INTENTIONAL can make a huge difference in your ability to manage your home well. Bring a friend and leave your preconceived ideas at the door because real moms sometimes serve Cheerios for dinner!

Room B: Chuck Black
“Escapism: Avoiding the Snares of Media”

In today’s technology culture, the enemy’s lure of our young people’s minds to escape into an artificial world is great. As the line between reality and simulation blurs, the stronghold of escapism becomes more and more powerful. Apathy and self indulgence are two destructive consequences that lead to broken relationships, broken homes, and broken hearts. Find some practical tools you can implement to help keep your children from getting caught in the snare of escapism.

Room C: Given Hoffman
“Creating New and Healthy Communication”

Seeing unhealthy habits forming in your child’s communication? Not sure how to help them re-engage in a healthy way? In this talk, Given Hoffman will highlight common failings in communications and present practical solutions for helping you and your child create new and healthy patterns.

6:00 PM


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*Starred Sessions require an additional ticket.